Hotlix Edible Insect Candy

Delicious is what comes to mind when I think about the Hotlix edible insect candies. These come in a variety of types including Scorpions encased in candy forming a sucker to the cricket lollipops.
If you are looking for more of a healthy snack for the youngsters taste the new crick-ettes which come in 3 flavors. These are a healthier choice for an edible bug as it does not have the sugars associated with other hard candies and deserts. 

Around the world people eat food and candy things everyday that we cringe at.  Well funny thing is many of these items are delicious to eat and provide a tasty treat.  we at insect kits love these bugs

Indulge your taste buds with a lick of the Hotlix Candy Scorpion Sucker or try some larvettes that are BBQ Flavored.

A real treat for the bug and insect lover.


Hotlix Ant Lollipop

Yummy for my tummy is what i say when I see bugs and insects.  Hotlix has a unique blend of hard candy with some once live ants.

The hotlix Ant Lollipop will create a splendid taste in your mouth unlike anything you have ever tasted. Yummy says the staff at insect kits when it comes to bug eating.  The texture of this sucker will blow your mind.  Encased in an edible candy the ants mixed with a special blend of sugars and flavors create a texture unlike any candies you have ever tried.

Colors may vary Price per unit 

Free Shipping Cont Usa Contains ants that were once alive.


Scorpion Lolipop - Hotlix

Blending the scorpion with hard candy and a lollipop stick this edible delight will make your taste buds explode.

The Hotlix Scorpion is a yummy treat for those that dare something on the unique side.  Each sucker comes in a variety of flavors or colors.

  • Red
  • Blue  UPC 751895021143
  • Yellow
  • Green

Don't worry the scorpion will not sting you but this arachnid looks kind of scary encased in the candy.   The Scorpion lollipop comes individually wrapped and makes a awesome gift for anyone who loves bugs, reptiles or arachnids.

Scorpion Facts
  • Only 25 known scorpions actually have venom.  Quit acting like a baby now!!
  • Ok really even though only 25 of these arachnids(yep just like spiders) are venomous the neurotoxin packs a punch if you happen to get stung by a scorpions tail. Qucik take cover!
  • Here is my favorite fact about scorpions.  They may even glow in the dark under UV rays.  How cool is that?
  • Mama carries her babies on her back.  These little guys unlike most arachnids are born one by one.
  • They creatures number 1400 varieties of this insect and some even can live in trees.

Butterfly Candy

Pop in a real tasty insect into your mouth.
The Hotlix Butterfly candy does not have a real butterfly inside but a simulated one enclosed in hard candy.

This makes a great addition to some of our butterfly garden kits.Kids and adults love the sucker inside that seems to melt in your mouth.  The butterfly candy is one of our top selling edible treats.

Be sure to choose Blueberry or Strawberry flavor.

Butterfly Candy - Contains real edible flowers on the wings that are infused into the candy.  It does not contain a real butterfly though.  Kind of unique and is a great conversation starter.  Now in the middle which forms the body you do get a real bug pupae of a mealworm.  On Sale now Buy your Butterfly Bug candy today, go into the office break room and pull it out.  It will surly amaze or disgust your co-workers when they see this delight from our insect kit website.

Hotlix Crick-ettes Bacon and Cheese

Hotlix Crick-ettes 1.4 grams of the Crick-ettes Bacon and Cheese Flavored.  A sweet crunchy taste of real live salted crickets.

We also sell all 3 Original flavors of Cricket Snax Salt N' Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion.

Hotlix Crick-ette creates A delightful taste will fill your mouth when you pop in the edible crickets into your mouth.  Each is dusted with a flavor that will cause a party in your mouth.

We know eating a cricket or bug is kinda freaky but you have to try these.  I am not sure if these are dried or fried but the taste is wonderful.

Crick-ettes Original Cricket Snax Sour Cream and Onion

Crick-ettes Original Cricket Snax Sour Cream and Onion candy. Pop a once live cricket in your mouth and the party begins with the edible bug fun pack.

Hotlix Crick-ettes The original  in sour cream and onion is a great tasting edible insect or bug.  A light dusting of special blend of flavoring makes this a unique treat that you will come to love.

The Cricket-ettes also make a wonderful gag gift to the unsuspecting friend or enemy.

Salt N' Vinegar Crick-ettes

Salt N' Vinegar Crick-ettes A treat to eat and makes a great replacement snack.  Have a kid always asking for a snack and tired of saying no. 

Hotlix Salt N' Vinegar ship free Crick-ettes edible insects

Actually, these make a wonderful tasting treat but the shock value is they were once live insects.  They are either baked or fried, we are not sure but they sure hit the palate with a bang.  If you love potato chips , bugs, or insects or just like to snack you will probably like the Crick-ettes edible candy.

 Give them the salt and vinegar Crick-ette next time for a shocker.

3 Pack Original flavors of Cricket Snax Salt N' Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion - Crick-ettes

A delightful 3 pack of the edible bug called Crick-ettes made by Hotlix.

This spended blends of crickets allows you to get 1 of each of the awesome flavors of the edible crick-ettes.  A mouthwatering taste that will awaken the taste buds.  Move over potatoe chips we have something  better in store for a snack.

Hotlix Cricket Lollipop

So have a sweet tooth and want to try a little something tangy with it.  We have the solution with the Hotlix Cricket Lollipop.

These suckers come in a variety of colors and flavors.  My favorite of the Hotlix Cricket Lollipop is the orange flavored candy.

  • Blueberry Cricket
  • Grape 
  • Strawberry 
  • Orange 
  • Mint is Green but but out of stock.

If you are looking for an assorted bunch feel free to email for bulk pricing of the edible crickets

Jalapeno Chili Sucker Lollipop

So you want a sucker with a bit of flair?  The Jalapeño Chili sucker may be the way to go.

This Jalapeño shaped lollipop is green and has a uniques shape and taste when it comes to hard candy suckers.

Pop one in and a spicy flavor hits your tongue.

Habanero Hot Lollipop

The habenero sucker is hottest Hotlix lollipop we offer.  Made with real habenero pepper to spice up your life.

This sucker is intense so be prepared for an atomic explosion with this candy.  Heat factor of 10 on my scoville units barometer.

The hotlix habenero sucker is not something you would give to a kid so please be careful as this has some intense flavor.  If you love hot spicy foods then this is what you want.

Like Hot spicy foods you will enjoy the Hotlix Intense Sucker


  • Hot Edible Candy Jalapeno
  • Heat Level : 10 Extremely Hot
  • Color : Orange
  • Consistency : Gourmet Hard Candy
  • Produced by: Hotlix:
  • Style : habanero lollipop, succer, chile, spicy candy, sucker sweet heat, gourmet candy, gourmet treat, stocking stuffer, all natural, extremely hot candy
  • Manufacturer :
    Themes : Mary's Favorite * Sweet Heat * All Natural 
  • Ingredients : Sugar and Real Jalepeno Pepper

    Hotlix Ant Candy

    Made with real farm ants this hard candy by hotlix is a delight to try.

    The 2 pack of ant candy is a treat for all.  Real ants have been included inside, and it looks like a colony has begun digging.  It includes whole ants as well as misc ant body parts.  Some say ants have a slight pepper taste when eating.  Decide for yourself and send in a video of you eating your Hotlix Candy.

    The ant candy comes as a 2 pack in 2 flavors Green Apple, and Yummy Strawberry.

    Order Yours Today!