Live Bugs for Sale

Looking for ants, Crickets, sow bugs aka roly poly for sale.  If so insect kits has all the bugs you need.

In this week pill bugs.  These creatures many people feed to spiders and other creatures and are very low maintenance.  The roly poly is also very easy to breed and requires decomposing mulch or wood and a nice moist spraying 1-2 times a day.

Sow Bug Roly Poly x30

Currently On Sale!
This easy to breed bug is also known as a pill bug.  These woodlouse do not bite and breed quite easily.  These nutritious roly poly for sale insects make a great food for many pets such as spiders and other insects. Approx 30 arthropods are given per order. Also called an isopod.   Don't forget your food! for your roly pollies

Make sure to mist your sow bugs daily 1-2 times as they need this to process foods and get rid of waste in their bodies. The sow bug is in the isopod family and you can tell if they need more water misting in the storage tank if they all start clumping up in the same area that has moisture.

These creatures prefer cool damp areas and love to eat many items such as cardboard, paper, and of course decomposing wood.

You can supplement with a little calcium on the wood to increase calcium uptake if using as a feeder,  Sometimes also called the rolly poly.

Pill Bug Facts
  • Have gills similar to fish so have low oxygen requirements.  This can allow them to live under wood and under water for even a few hours at a time.
  • Are very easy to breed a pill bug.  They can have up to 200 babies at a time and the mother carries them around.  When breeding woodlouse please note the yellow on the underside of the mother.  These are the babies.
  • The rolypoly bug is not actually a bug but an arthopod. Kinda like a lobster
  • Have 7 plates that act like a shield like an armidillo on thier body exoskeleton which allows them to roll up in a ball for protection