Antworks Color of Life


This Antworks Color of Life Ant farm comes with a clear gel but with the antbase led illuminator it cycles through an array of colors.

The colors of life Model ANTWCOL makes a stunning impression when viewing with the led R G, B, colors.   The space age Gel initially is clear which makes viewing your live harvester ants really easy.

The Fascinations Color of Life Antworks is a marvel to look at.  It features a continuous color changing Led base so you can watch your ants farm their passages.  This led base is 110V powered.

SPECIAL ALERT.  The cool thing about this unit is if you are tired of the ever changing colors you can lock it into one color with the touch of your finger on the right side optical base.  Nothing else like this around.

This fascinations colors of life  ant habitat also provides all the space age foods and water from its unique gel.
We also can ship live ants directly with any of our ant farms we sell.

Strong acrylic holder with removable top measures 6.5" x 6.0" x 1.25" (14 x 16.5 x 3cm)
Live Ant Gel Starter Stick
Get to know your ants on a individual level with the Jeweler's lens
Be the first on your block to have the Antworks color of life.

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