Future Farm
Wild science Hydroponic dome kit.

Wild Science Future Farm

This greenhouse by wild science is definitely my favorite kit out there.  The Future Farms unique features allows connecting to the ant-o-sphere systems and pods.

Great for the adventure minded and a wonderful learning tool for the school age as well as older classroom people.

The Wild Science Line of products allows an interactive way of learning. 

If you have a budding gardener or ant lover this is a great gift.

Wild Science Future Farm

Wild Science has a number of futuristic Hydroponic gifts out there. This is the stunning Future farm WS1032 which lets you grow things as well as acts as an ant farm as you can connect to WILD SCIENCE Ant-O-Sphere. Have fun and learn at the same time! Experiment with wick hydroponic gardens, liquid nutrients, composting, planting, propagating and cloning. Ages 10+.