Nano Hexbug

The self righting nano responds to touch and reminds me of a fast moving caterpillar on hyper speed.

These nano Hexbugs are fast. They come in 3 types: the Newton Motion and the Gravity and the


Weight (lbs) 0.016
Width (inches) 0.5625
Height (inches) 0.6875
Depth (inches) 1.6875
Color Varies
# of Legs 12
Control Autonomous
Sound Sensor No
Touch Sensor No
Light Sensor No
Battery AG13
# of Batteries 1
Batteries Included?  Yes Free from insect Kits

HEXBUG Nano (random color)

You will get our choice of color of the Newton hexbug Nano or the Gravity, or Orbit based on quantity. This is for 1 unit.


(DC) HexBug Nano Newton Gravity

Can your Nano Hexbug defy gravity.  Co it cant as newton has laws we all must live with but he sure can try. A Insect Kits Favorite.


(DC) Hexbug Nano Orbit

The new orbit line comes in some interesting colors you are sure to like.


Hexbug Newton Motion

Who was it that said bodies in motion tend to stay in motion?  That was Sir Isaac Newton and these Nano Hexbugs love motion.