Who ever said all crabs were bad.  Insect Kits have a new breed of the hexbug crab that will not pinch you or bite you.  No need for band aids.  This guy reacts to sound and light just like a real creature of the sea.

This guy is not waterproof so don't throw him in the pool or bathtub but he makes a great pet that will not require feeding or bathing so parents listen up

Available in 5 different colors   Turquoise, Red, Green, Blue or Black of the insect Kits Hexbug Crab.




(DC) Random Hexbug Crab

We reach and and pray we don't get attacked when grapping these hexbug Crabs
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(DC) Hexabug Crab

We love the Crabs by Hexbug.  These guys like to stay in shady areas and will run to another spot when they hear loud noises.