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Live Bugs For Sale

Looking for ants, crickets, sow bugs aka roly poly for sale.  If so insect kits has all the bugs you need.
Rollie Pollies or pill bugs are used by many people as food for spiders and other creatures.  They are also known to be very low maintenance.  The roly poly is also very easy to breed and requires decomposing mulch or wood and a nice moist spraying 1-2 times a day.  We also sell food for the roly poly.

Sow Bug Roly Poly x30

This easy to breed bug is also known as a pill bug. These woodlouse do not bite and breed quite easily. These nutritious roly poly for sale insects make a great food for many pets such as spiders and other insects. Approx 30 arthropods are given per order. Also called an isopod. Dont forget your food! for your roly pollies

Isaac Asimov and Woodlice
When he was a young child, Isaac's mother was startled by the strange expression on his face and asked him what was wrong. He was unable to reply so she became alarmed by this apparent affliction. Isaac, in an effort to calm his mother spat out a mouthful of woodlice.

When asked why he had done such a thing, he replied that he had thought that they would probably tickle his tongue as they walked about inside his mouth. Apparently they did tickle - although his mother did not appreciate this turn of scientific curiosity.