5 metal earth bug set

Metal Earth Bugs Model

Prepare to be amazed by the intricate world of bugs that you can build called metal earth made by Fascinations Toys.

Choose from 1 to 5 predators made from flat metal. Each sheet has exquisite intricate designs that are laser etched in the metal.

To assemble them all you do is pop out each  flat piece and follow the easy to read assembly instructions.

To construct each Metal Earth Bug Model all you need to do is pop out each metal piece and assemble the beautiful designed bug from nature.
Each piece starts out flat and then is constructed into a wonderful piece of art..

Fascinations Metal Earth Bug Collection Models

•5 Types of bugs {constructed from|made of sheets of metal

•Encourages fine motor abilities, logical thought process with building, insect/entomology fascination.

•Impressive focus on fine detail in each of the models

•Each educational model kit will come as flat-sheet of laser-cut steel

•Pop-out and bend piece to {construct|assemble} models

•All models stand at attention on completion

•Select one: dragonfly, praying mantis, scorpion, stag beetle, or tarantula

•Includes fun details and lots of informational knowledge of the  creature, and representative photograph

•Recommended tools: clippers, forceps (not incorporated) But you can purchase the MMT001 3 piece tool set.

•Assembled models: length Approximately 2 "

•Durable construction

•Strong steel material

  • Fascinations Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model - Dragonfly

    The Metal Earth® models are amazingly detailed etched models that are fun and satisfying to assemble. Each model starts out as 4 inch square metal sheets and you simply pop out the pieces and follow the included directions to assemble your model.

    Metal Earth 3D Metal Model - Praying Mantis

    Create your own Metal Earth Praying Mantis.

    DIY Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model Scorpion

    Beware of the poison tail of the scorpion.

    Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model Stag Beetle Bug

    Build your own beetle bug.

    Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model Tarantula Spider

    The tarantula spider by fascinations provide you a lifetime of fun.

    Set of 5 Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Models - Bugs: Scorpion, Stag Beetle, Tarantula, Praying Mantis, & Dragonfly

    Get all 5 of the Metal Earth bug set by Fascinations.