3X Magnifier

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Observing Bugs in captivity or in the wild takes on a new meaning when you can zoom in and see their intricate details.

3X Magnifier:

This handheld magnifying glass is ideal for seeing close up on many small bugs and insects.Comprised of acrylic. Can magnify up to 3X perfect for observing intricate details, with the clear mini magnifying lense, you will find all the small details during your exploration.


 Each plastic magnifier is about 59 x 29 x 7 mm/ 2.32 x 1.14 x 0.28 inch, its round len is approx. 25 mm in diameter, small size that can fit easily in your hand or pocket, portable for traveling, indoor and outdoor use, also convenient for daily storage

Other Uses

Wide range of use: these 3X hand pocket lens are sure to help you look through a clearer lens, ideal for crossword puzzle game, close observation for those items like insects, maps, and observe plants and nature. Great for bugs, Ants, and Isopod viewing.