Superworms Zophobas Morio larva

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Superworms Zophobas Morio larva are great feeder foods for many animals such as fish, birds and any other animal that likes live food in their diet.

  • Superworms AKA Zophobas morio Parented by Darkling Beetle
  • Max Growth 2 1/4 inches 50-60 mm
  • Legs 6
  • Friendly larvae are cute and can be handled by kids of many ages.

Our Superworms are breed in house and come from the darkling beetle.These are also known as zophobas and are sometimes mislabeled giant meal worms but do look like the  tenebrio molitor. 

One of my favorite aspects of these is if you leave them in a container ( they will not crawl out) they typically stay in the larval stage due to constant brushing by their siblings.  Talk about brotherly love these guys love each other.

Zophobas make excellent live feeder food for lizards, turtles, frogs, salamanders,birds, larger fish such as oscars, koi etc.

Nutritionally these are pretty close to mealworms in diatary value.
You can also gut load them by adding calcium to thier diet which will in turn be absorbed into the animal you are feeding them to.

If kept in an open container with free raom the superworms will eventually turn into darkling beetles.  As a gown adult these will actually canabilize the Zophobas morio larva so be sure to remove them.