Root-Vue Gardening Kits for all ages

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Dr Toy Loved the Root-Vue garden and called it an award winner. A gardening delight that is for sure. HSP-162

 This is a unique garden grow  laboratory that allows you to experience the wonders of seeding a plant and watching it  grow from a seed to maturity.  No matter your age you will love the Root vue.  

Included in this complete kit are the seeds ( 3 types Radish seeds, onions, and carrots) The root vue habitat is a gardening center in itself, Plant the seeds and follow the roots as they grow down. Have a root race and watch the carrots, radishes and onions take form before your eyes! Complete kit includes: 

 8 special biopower grow mix wafers, 3 packs of seeds, identification labels and 16 page booklet with instructions and experiments. For ages 4 & up.

We are sure you will be impressed with the root-vue garden laboratory.