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Great for those who like to stay clear of pesticides and want an organic garden. Green Lacewing eggs for sale.

Lacewing eggs are oval, pale shapes, green eggs.  These can be "planted on foliage on foliage in your garden.  The larva are grey- green  are are known for the huge appetites they possess.   These guys can consume mealy bugs, red spider mites ( yes we know you hate them) thrips, some small worms and many other destructive garden bugs , insect eggs and larvae.

 The lace wing larvae feed for about 3 weeks and then they pupate by spinning a white colored cocoon.    Give them approximately 7 days and out they come as new adults ready to lay new eggs . 

These new lacewings are light green inn color with see through wings and grow to approx 3/4 inch in length.  The beautiful lacewings are shipped to you in the egg stage in container of rice hulls which makes distribution of the eggs in your garden a breeze.

Release rate : For garden and greenhouses use 1000 lacewing eggs per 500 sq ft.  For larger fields and orchards we suggest 5000 lacewing eggs per acre.