Sea Monkeys

Expose your youngsters to the delights of family pet ownership with the sea monkey kits! The popular instant pets are excellent for beginning pet owners such as kids because they involve little upkeep and are easy to care for. These small crustaceans resemble tiny shrimp and supply a learning environment as well as enjoyment as the children hatch, raise, and care for the sea monkeys and practice becoming accountable Everyone of us old timers can recall opening up a comic book in our early years and seeing Sea-Monkeys for sale by transcience corporation.  These have been around for over 45 years and are really brine shrimp called artemia which have been used for many years to feed fish.

The Schylling Sea Monkey makes a great pet as you do not need to do the daily chores associated with standard household pets like dogs or cats.  All kits come with the eggs needed to breed the seamonkey, food to keep your critters happy and a feeding spoon.

Remember these are live creatures so treat them with care and you will be happy and they will provide you valuable insight to aquatic life.

My favorite is the glow in the dark one called the magiquarium model 67420.  Boys and girls both love this as it puts a twist on the whole educational experience.

Other great models are the Instant life, Instant Pet, Zooquarium and Ocean Zoo.

Here are some interesting Facts that most people do not know about the lives of Sea Monkeys.

  1. These creatures actually breathe through their feet.  Can you imagine  every breath you took  you had to smell your feet?  Not me I will stick with breathing through my nose.
  2. Artemia Nyos by Transcience is actually the breed of animal these aquatic sea animals are.
  3. A Stunning fact is the eggs from Sea Monkeys can last for years in a dried out suspended state.  That means you can revive them with a little purified water and the artemia babies hatch in 1 day.
  4. Big Time Toys in partnership with Schylling Distribute these sea monkeys.
  5. For over 45 years these creatures have been sold but they have been around for millions.
  6. Born with 1 eye like a cyclops these fairy's eventually will grow 2 more for a total of 3. 

Sea Monkey Magiquarium

The magiquarium will bring delight to the eyes of any child who has ever experienced any of the Sea Monkey products because it comes with its own special glow formula that causes the water to glow in the dark

Model 97420 of the Magiquarium is by far the most exciting in my opinion.  The reason why is it has the mysterious mystery light that kids just love.    There is no need for batteries as the Sea Monkeys are phototaxic so they will glow just like lightening bugs. 

The Magiquarium Sea Monkey kit includes all of the goodies you would expect of any of the brine shrimp habitats we offer.

Ages 6+  Upc 703086674201

With the the Amazing Live Sea Monkey Kit You Get
  • Exclusive Glowing Mystery Light Formula that causes the water to glow when added
  • Packet Of Purified Water just what you need to get your artemia started
  • Instant SeaMonkey eggs
  • Growth Food Enough for 1 year

Sea Monkey Magic Castle

The Big Time Toys Magic castle is a wonderful addition to the sea monkey line and makes a great gift for girls into the princess things and boys into princes, dragons and war toy.

Imagine needing someone to defend your fortress from invading enemies.  Who would you call?  The super force of the Sea-monkeys by Schylling. 

With the sea monkey Magic Castle you can use your imagination and enter a new world of fairies, folklore, myths and legends.  The habitat includes everything including food for your creatures

Amazing Live Sea Monkeys Instant Life Seamonkey Kit

This Sea Monkey kit is the original starter set.  If comes with all of the standard supplies but does not come with aquarium fish tank.

Everything you need to start up  and grow sea monkeys except the aquarium. So if you already have an aquarium and just need to fill it, then this is the kit for you. Three step process with instructions. This kit is guaranteed for 2 years by the Big Time Toys and Schylling Toys.

Requires a 10 ounce container or larger (not included).

For over 45 years the Instant life Nyoys Artemia have been sold. 

703086673891 UPC

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

A great educational science kit for kids ages 6 and up.
So you are ready to start up your on aquatic sea monkey colony and want to go with the ocean zoo atemia kit.

Get Your Big Time Toys and Schylling Amazing Live Sea Monkey kit with all the trimmings including the eggs and water and food.

It is very simple to set up SeaMonkey kit as this comes with all the items you need to hatch the eggs withing 24 hours.The Amazing live Sea-Monkeys Kit includes all the products you will require to grow your own lovely Aqua-Pets.  Big Time Toys in partnership with Schylling Toys have done it again with the Ocean Zoo.

Sp you want an instant pet that lives a long time and requires very little clean up? Well we have the solution. Sea-Monkeys are GUARANTEED TO LIVE TWO YEARS! The Sea-Monkey aquarium is equipped with a ventilated lid, built-in magnifiers and a molded bottom sea-scape. Included with your purchase is a 32-page illustrated instruction book, feeding spoon and three packets:

#1 Water Purifier Formula,

 #2 Instant Live Artemia NYOS Eggs,

#3 A Whole Lot of Growth Food. The crystal clear styrene tank has either red or blue accents, and all contents come shrink-wrapped inside the tank. Includes life insurance policy and guarantee.

Colors vary on each kit.

70308667981 UPC