General Bug Kits

All right creepy time for some creepy stuff with these bug kits. 

We offer a few varieties of bug or insect kits from the top manufacturers of toys.

Uncle Milton Bug Jug Insect Habitat

Uncle Milton Bug Jug Insect Habitat Ages 6 and up Collect, observe and release live bugs! Catch em and play with them but dont eat them.

Ultimate Bug Viewer

Ultimate Bug Viewer™ 3 cool ways to look at bugs! Bugs are cool! Real cool in my opinion. Now you have 3 awesome ways to look at them! See them up close through the built-in magnifier, observe them through the viewing dome or look through the Under bug Viewing Port to see their undersides. Bug watching has been such a blast for everyone! Ages 4 and up

Best Ever Bug Jar

This is the best bug jar ever by Insect Lore! This cool habitat was designed with your critter’s comfort in mind.

Bug Keeper

The Bug Keeper by Insect Lore. This classic bug house features just what you need to catch and watch small insects.