Live Ants
Get them here and replace your dead ants. These western harvester ants are big and juicy and easy to see as they are large.

LIVE Ants - To Refill Your Ant Farms

You may find that your older ants have perished, well we have plenty of LIVE ants to keep your ant farm going strong

Do you need replacement ants? Look no further!  You have come to the right place for your replacement ants!  We offer LIVE replacement ants all year long with swift and quick delivery.  We will ship you approx 20 -30 LIVE ants and we let you choose your shipping method!

Please choose the appropriate shipping method for your LIVE Ants and bugs. Depending on the time of year, weather can always play a major factor in shipping so please choose wisely when choosing your shipping method!  Also, always look closely at our other upgrade options.  It is always best to include a heat pack or cool pack, depending on the time of year.

Ships Free

Live Ants

Get your live ants for your ant farm here now on sale. These are large bodied foragers that are all from the same colony so you will not have to worry about fighting. Free Shipping is basic Ground only.