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Get your live ants for your ant farm here now on sale. These are large bodied foragers that are all from the same colony so you will not have to worry about fighting. Free Shipping is basic Ground only.

Buy Red Harvester ant are the best kind of live ants for all of the ant farms we offer. Each vial will come with approx 20-30 insects which is the appropriate amount for most insect kits we offer. You do not want to over stock and crown the inhabitants of your gel or sand habitat as crowding of the colony can lead to disease outbreak just like in humans.

Remember these are live insects.  You do not get a queen as what would you want 10000 babies for getting out of the holes of your habitat.  Since these are live ants they pose some risk.  Do not handle them as they posses large enough pincers to inflict damage.  Trust me it is not a good feeling being bit or pinched by these foragers.  Keep out of direct sunlight since  as the ant house can trap heat in and fry your buddies.