Magic Plant

We have a few interesting varieties of the magic plant, a plant that grows in a can, with some unique magical features that kids and adults both will love.

The Patent Magic Plant an interesting concept that will allow anyone to be able to grow a real-life plant with some hidden meanings and messages. Which message will you get?

If you like hot be sure to check out the world's hottest pepper plant which we offer which is called the bhut jolokia found India but can be grown right out of one of our cans. Only for the insane or true hot lover.

So the other interesting patent magic plants we offer our the Ocean World, in the Insect World.

With the Ocean World you can grow some sea creatures directly embedded onto the plant, such as dolphins fish grabs turtles and maybe something else.

If you're the bugs and insects the insect world walk for you a splendid view of the Butterfly, Spider, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Beetle in of course our favorite bug ants. 

See some of our other wonderful products such as best friends forever or best teacher.

magic bean flash

A very interesting concept growing plant from a can and view the mysterious objects that can appear.

Bhut Jolokia Plant Worlds Hottest Pepper

Are you ready to grow the worlds hottest plant? What your gardening skills to use them grow a real-life bhut jolokia plant. Trust me this thing is hot.

Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds

Carolina Reaper Pepper Seeds (10 Seeds)