Fascinations ant farm

Ant Farm® Kits

Uncle Milton Industries came up with the very first cool live Ant Farms ® science project years ago in the back of comic books where 1 cent toys were sold.

 Many new toy spin-offs have occurred. Insect Kits offer a variety of Bug Kits on sale 

  • Fascinations Antworks Habitat
  • Insect Lore and more insect kits coming daily
  • Other Formicarium or Outworlds
  • We also have live ants for sale for your habitat that you can purchase and put in your unit from Insect Kits Live Bug Farm



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Watch the antwork's gel habitat illuminated glow at night, allowing 24 hour viewing of your live insects.  Don't forget to buy live ants for your Uncle Milton's Ant Farm.

These kits make great projects for kids in school and the perfect science experiments.

Don't Forget to purchase or buy your harvester live ants as well.  We also offer a blue gel ant farm refill kit as well.

We get questions from customers on what exactly the difference is between the gel colony and the sand ant farms.  Well we have your answers right here.

The gel we sell has agar based solutions which provide nourishments including food and water to the animals inside.  What that means is you do not have to feed or water your insects daily.  Many adults prefer this option!  As they do not have to worry about the ants escaping and possibly wrecking havoc throughout the house.  We do however suggest that the ant farm is opened daily for a quick period of time.  This provides fresh air to the inhabitants inside and will keep them happier, healthier and much more active for all see.

Now onto the sand based ant farms that were created by UNCLE MILTON many years ago.  There have been many variations of the Uncle Milton sand habitats, from green ones, the vintage white and we can't forget the brand-new John Deere habitats.  With all of our sand farms you will be required to provide a small amount of water daily to keep the sand moist and maintain the integrity of the tunnels that your ants will be digging.  Without the moisture the sand ant farm tunnels will collapse causing death and you know we don't want that. As then the colony has to start rebuilding and the queen is mad.  You will also need to provide daily nourishment to your habitat in the form of food. We offer food  as well as refill kits that contain sand or gel replacement on our website that you can use.  You will not need to use a whole bunch and one packet can last you for quite some time.  As with the Antworks gel units by Fascinations, we also suggest to open the units daily to provide fresh air for the ants and you'll see them start to scurry around as soon as you open the top.  Please make sure an adult is the only one that does the opening of the habitat.