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We offer the best live harvester ant to buy for $5.90 with free shipping.  The Pogonomyrmex species comes 20 to 30 per vial and are perfect harvesters.

Due to their size these bugs are the best for your habitat.  The typically small ants you get from outside or other vendors may not be good for your unit.

We Strongly suggested to choose the priority on the extreme heat or cold for live arrival. Great for the budding entomologist.

These Live Ants ideal for Uncle Milton ant farms and Fascinations Ant works.  This is the same type of ants you get with the Uncle Milton ant farm and the Fascinations Antworks habitats when you mail them in but you will get these much faster plus we ship all year.  We ship these big ants year round that are perfect for ant farms including Uncle Milton and Fascinations Antworks.  We need you to make the decision though if you are willing to take the chance of high losses due to lack of heat or cold pack depending on the time of the year.

Be a smart consumer to make the the choice that best fits your needs and the live harvester ants for sale for Uncle Milton ant farms and Antworks habitats..

During traveling our insects will cross many temperature zones and my stay overnight in unheated or uncooled facilities.  Choose the fastest shipping method you can afford and a warming or cooling device to ensure healthier bugs.

Ants form unique colonies and work together typically with a queen.  The head person in charge is called the queen ant. Due to laws we cannot ship the queen ant. Thats right no queen there but a bunch of workers and drones  to make this toy an interesting gift.  Many times the queen female ant is the only ant able to reproduce and able to lay eggs.. It is illegal to transport queens across state lines knowingly.

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Get your live Harvester ants Fast.

Name: Pogonomyrmex AKA Harvestor ants
Propagation: North America
Queen: 10-12mm Not included as it is illegal to ship queen ants.
Workers: 7-12mm
Food: Insects and honey water. Their main food source is however made up of seeds from various plants found in the wild.
Air moisture: 40-60%
Temperature: 20-35°C
Hibernation: No
Nest-building: Soil nests
Formicariums: Tanks, ant farms
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (adjust to colony size)
Particularities: The Pogonomyrmex species is typically found in the hot deserts of North and Central America. This Pogonomyrmex species feeds on captured insects, although seeds collected mostly from surrounding grassland and subsequently stored underground (at a depth of up to 2 m.) actually constitute the ants’ main food source. They are therefore categorised as harvester ants, just like the Messor species.

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