Black Ants
Credit: Sancho McCann Cc by-2.0

Black Ants

Black ants are one of the more common species of carpenter ants.
Black ants scientific name is Camponotus pennsylvanicus and they are semi-aggressive, however, generally will not attack unless provoked. Below you can find all kinds of information concerning black ants. See our FAQ of Frequently asked questions.

What Do Black Ants Eat?

Like many of the ant species out there. The black ants are typically omnivores, which means they like plants and meat.

I Heard That Black Ants Eat Termites. Is This True?

Black ants love to eat termites as they are both natural enemies of each other.

What Are the Tiny Ants That I See outside Called?

Due to the amount of ants throughout the United States is most likely to be one of the carpenter ant species.