Here are answers to our common questions we get about ant farms and insect kits.

We will continually update this page to give you new and updated information concerning insects bugs in policies etc. as needed.
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Where do I enter my web voucher coupon code for ants?

If you have a web voucher or coupon code that came with your ant farm that you purchased from the store or online you can use it during checkout.

Where can I order live ants for my antfarm?

Where can I order live ants for my antfarm?

How many ants are included per vial?

There are generally 20 to 30 ants included each vile.

How do I order ants and tadpoles for a specific date?

We have a very easy process allows you to put in the date you would like the item shipped.

What are the average times in transit?

The transit times do vary based off your location as well as your shipping options you choose at check out for all insect kits, bugs and tadpoles..

What you have so many options?

We like to allow our customers the ability to choose features based off of their budget as well as their location, time of year etc.

Shipping upgrades 2

Im a little confused about the priority shipping upgrade. Can you please explain to me?

Do I need a heat pack when buying triops eggs?

Triops a freshwater animal lays eggs that are very hardy and do not require heat or cold packs any time of year.

I see you sell Ant Farm Ants, do these bite?

Yes The red harvester ants can sting an bite. Adult supervisions is required. Please see FAQ on transferring to habitat.

I want to buy a queen ant!

Many people think that they want a queen ant for their antfarm.

Will my ants die quicker without a queen?

If you purchase red harvester ants from us your colonies expected to live from 2 to 6 months sometimes longer sometime shorter but thats about the general time frame.

I found a better deal on one of your insect kits somewhere else?

Uh Oh, our price elves have not been doing their jobs! someone is getting fired.

Free Ants

I see you run a special occasionally for free ants. How do I do that along with ordering another item?

What is the best way to purchase if I am purchasing more than one set of insects?

To save yourself a little money when buying any of our live insects or bugs please follow the steps below if youre purchasing more than one set.

My bugs arrived here early what should I do with them?

If you have a few days before giving your bugs as a gift what you can do is place the container in the fridge for up to 5 days. Insect that should not be refrigerated are.Rollie Pollies aka sow bugsSuper worms

What shipping options do you recommend when buying live bugs?

This is a general rule to go by however is not set in stone for any bug shipments or tadpoles.

I have a gel Ant farm. What should i do when the ants die?

Typically when your insects expire the colony will bring the guys up to the top of the ant habitat.

I have a gel Ant farm. What should i do when the ants die?

Ah no worries you can now convert your space age gel habitat to a Sand based farm.

Can I turn off the light on the Habitat

You sure can. Depending on which habitat you have it will either have a button or can be unplugged if it has a led base.

How Much Ant food should I feed my ants?

Ants are very small creatures and require very little food.