Triassic Triops Space Age Tank

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Triassic Triops Space Age Tank ToyOps

The award-winning Triassic Triops line features lively shrimp that look like tiny horseshoe crabs and date back to the Triassic Period in fossil records. Simply by adding water to the eggs, millions of children have brought these prehistoric crustaceans back to life.



·         This kit is Manufactured in United States

·         Our Triops are always lab bred to protect kids and preserve wild populations of Triops

·         This is a complete kit that comes with Space Age Tank, 100 Triop Eggs, Triops Food, Conditioner/Nutrient, Magnifying Lens, Thermometer, Hatching Tray, Pipette, and Instructions

·         Make great pets

·         Learn about life cycles, marine biology, and more

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