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Blending the scorpion with hard candy and a lollipop stick this edible delight will make your taste buds explode.

The Hotlix Scorpion is a yummy treat for those that dare something on the unique side.  Each sucker comes in a variety of flavors or colors.

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  • Blue  UPC 751895021143
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Don't worry the scorpion will not sting you but this arachnid looks kind of scary encased in the candy.   The Scorpion lollipop comes individually wrapped and makes a awesome gift for anyone who loves bugs, reptiles or arachnids.

Scorpion Facts
  • Only 25 known scorpions actually have venom.  Quit acting like a baby now!!
  • Ok really even though only 25 of these arachnids(yep just like spiders) are venomous the neurotoxin packs a punch if you happen to get stung by a scorpions tail. Qucik take cover!
  • Here is my favorite fact about scorpions.  They may even glow in the dark under UV rays.  How cool is that?
  • Mama carries her babies on her back.  These little guys unlike most arachnids are born one by one.
  • They creatures number 1400 varieties of this insect and some even can live in trees.