Hotlix Edible Insect Candy

Delicious is what comes to mind when I think about the Hotlix edible insect candies. These come in a variety of types including Scorpions encased in candy forming a sucker to the cricket lollipops.
If you are looking for more of a healthy snack for the youngsters taste the new crick-ettes which come in 3 flavors. These are a healthier choice for an edible bug as it does not have the sugars associated with other hard candies and deserts. 

Around the world people eat food and candy things everyday that we cringe at.  Well funny thing is many of these items are delicious to eat and provide a tasty treat.  we at insect kits love these bugs

Indulge your taste buds with a lick of the Hotlix Candy Scorpion Sucker or try some larvettes that are BBQ Flavored.

A real treat for the bug and insect lover.

Scorpion Lolipop - Hotlix

Blending the scorpion with hard candy and a lollipop stick this edible delight will make your taste buds explode.
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Hotlix Crick-ettes Bacon and Cheese

Hotlix Crick-ettes 1.4 grams of the Crick-ettes Bacon and Cheese Flavored. A sweet crunchy taste of real live salted crickets.We also sell all 3 Original flavors of Cricket Snax Salt N Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion.
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Crick-ettes Original Cricket Snax Sour Cream and Onion

Crick-ettes Original Cricket Snax Sour Cream and Onion candy. Pop a once live cricket in your mouth and the party begins with the edible bug fun pack.
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Salt N Vinegar Crick-ettes

Salt N Vinegar Crick-ettes A treat to eat and makes a great replacement snack. Have a kid always asking for a snack and tired of saying no.
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3 Pack Original flavors of Cricket Snax Salt N Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion - Crick-ettes

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A delightful 3 pack of the edible bug called Crick-ettes made by Hotlix.
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Hotlix Cricket Lollipop

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So have a sweet tooth and want to try a little something tangy with it. We have the solution with the Hotlix Cricket Lollipop.
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Jalapeno Chili Sucker Lollipop

So you want a sucker with a bit of flair? The Jalapeño Chili sucker may be the way to go.
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Habanero Hot Lollipop

The habenero sucker is hottest Hotlix lollipop we offer. Made with real habenero pepper to spice up your life.

Butterfly Candy

The Hotlix Butterfly candy does not have a real butterfly inside but a simulated one enclosed in hard candy.

(DC) Hotlix Ant Candy

Made with real farm ants this hard candy by hotlix is a delight to try.

(DC) Hotlix Ant Lollipop

Yummy for my tummy is what i say when I see bugs and insects. Hotlix has a unique blend of hard candy with some once live ants.

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