Habanero Hot Lollipop

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The habenero sucker is hottest Hotlix lollipop we offer. Made with real habenero pepper to spice up your life.

This sucker is intense so be prepared for an atomic explosion with this candy.  Heat factor of 10 on my scoville units barometer.

The hotlix habenero sucker is not something you would give to a kid so please be careful as this has some intense flavor.  If you love hot spicy foods then this is what you want.

Like Hot spicy foods you will enjoy the Hotlix Intense Sucker


  • Hot Edible Candy Jalapeno
  • Heat Level : 10 Extremely Hot
  • Color : Orange
  • Consistency : Gourmet Hard Candy
  • Produced by: Hotlix:
  • Style : habanero lollipop, succer, chile, spicy candy, sucker sweet heat, gourmet candy, gourmet treat, stocking stuffer, all natural, extremely hot candy
  • Manufacturer :
    Themes : Mary's Favorite * Sweet Heat * All Natural 
  • Ingredients : Sugar and Real Jalepeno Pepper