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So you are ready to start up your on aquatic sea monkey colony and want to go with the ocean zoo atemia kit.

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Get Your Big Time Toys and Schylling Amazing Live Sea Monkey kit with all the trimmings including the eggs and water and food.

It is very simple to set up SeaMonkey kit as this comes with all the items you need to hatch the eggs withing 24 hours.The Amazing live Sea-Monkeys Kit includes all the products you will require to grow your own lovely Aqua-Pets.  Big Time Toys in partnership with Schylling Toys have done it again with the Ocean Zoo.

Sp you want an instant pet that lives a long time and requires very little clean up? Well we have the solution. Sea-Monkeys are GUARANTEED TO LIVE TWO YEARS! The Sea-Monkey aquarium is equipped with a ventilated lid, built-in magnifiers and a molded bottom sea-scape. Included with your purchase is a 32-page illustrated instruction book, feeding spoon and three packets:

#1 Water Purifier Formula,

 #2 Instant Live Artemia NYOS Eggs,

#3 A Whole Lot of Growth Food. The crystal clear styrene tank has either red or blue accents, and all contents come shrink-wrapped inside the tank. Includes life insurance policy and guarantee.

Colors vary on each kit.

70308667981 UPC

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