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Get live harvester ants for free right now for your Formicarium or Ant Farm.

All Options must be checked for this special

Free ants for your ant farm right here.  These Harvester ants will work with Uncle Milton ant farms or fascinations habitats.  All Gel habitats require these larger species and why buy ants and need a coupon when you can get them free here.  These large insects come in a vial and work in sand farms as well.  

Styles vary on cp/hp

See a huge Ant mound here

You must choose all options besides food and gift message for the bugs to be free. 

 If you do not want the options then

Click this guy and you do not need to get the optional upgrades 

Ant Farm Coupon Not Needed.

Free Live western Harvester ants, sorry no queens as it is illegal to sell them.  This would destroy the colony anyway and we do not want that.   No need to purchase these bugs as you can get them for free with our current online special.

Species Pogonomyrmex occidentalisWestern harvester ants measure about 3/8-inch in length and are orange, red, dark brown or brown-black in color. Some may display multiple colors.

QTY 1 vial ONLY