What Do Ants like to Eat?

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Since there are many species of ants seen throughout the world, this is a multifaceted question.

Ants have strong jaws that allow them to eat and fruits, vegetables, and seeds. What this means is that ants are omnivores. It really depends on the exact species of ants that determines what their favorite types of foods are.

For instance carpenter ants generally prefer to eat fruits such as honeydew's lettuce, carrots, apples and other foods that you would typically see a vegetarian eat.  This is why it is so hard to get rid of ants once they have invaded your house as they have great smell and leave a chemical trail letting all of their mates know exactly where the good food is.  Be sure to keep a tidy house and that will help alleviate some of these problems that ants can cause.

Some of the problems that you can see ants that are vegetable eaters is destruction of your garden. They love to eat sugary foods such as melons, as well as just water mixed with sugar can provide nutrients and food that can sustain these insects for quite some time.  Since ants do like sugar. It also means that they would love nectar and will attack and use the nectar secreted from flowers as this has a very high sugar content.

Another type of ant is the mean fierce red fire ants love to devour meat so prefer things like bugs that are alive and other dead animals.  Due to the ferocity of red fire ants and their ability to swarm an attack quickly and precisely. You should stay away from the mountains and nests that these make.

One thing ants do not like, however, is mold but some species actually cultivate fungus the and other ant species are herders and heard aphids to eat the sugary secretions that is exuded from their skin.

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