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Why do you need to buy live harvester ants for Uncle Milton Sand Ant Farms and Fascinations Gel Kits? Well these insects are naturals for burrowing and cannot escape the unit due to the size of these big.

20 to 30 per vial

Buy the best live ants for sale for ant farms or any other formicarium.  These are the premium species you need for an exciting colony in your habitat or farm. 

An ant farm is an artistic expression of who you are.  When these live bugs are added, they transform your sand sculpture into creative shapes by stacking the colored sand on top where they have been making 3-d tunnels.
Mail the ant order sheet in the kit (extra $4 required for ant shipping so buy from us as it is cheaper and you get them with your order) and in 4-8 weeks you'll obtain your supply of approx  20-30 live Western Harvester Ants for your ant farm. Purchase directly from us live ants if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area don't forget your express saver shipping and heat or cold pack..

Insects shipped without we will not guarantee those transported at those temperatures.
See our coupon to the left.

Many people also purchase ants for Horned lizards as food.

Remember when purchasing live ants to take into account how long in transit they will be and the time of the year these guys will be crossing the globe.  

Our Harvester ants will go into a slight hibernation around below 50 degrees and become sluggish.  This is exactly what you want when shipping in the hot summer months as the activity is decreased in the vial.

Winter time you do not want them getting below 32 and below freezing will increase the mortality as well.   The life expectancy of ants can be up to 9 months in a well maintained farm.