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Thank you for your interest in Insectkits.com . Your premier source for live bugs for sale, ants and insect kits and habitats. We are reseller of many popular items and brands.   We sell ant farms, Butterfly Pavilions and gardens, Ladybug kits, by a variety of manufacturers including Insect Lore, Uncle Milton, Fascinations.  

Our specialty is live ants, tadpoles for sale and Lacewing  and preying mantis eggs for sale.

Reaching us can sometimes be a little difficult so please try emailing if all circuits are busy and one of our staff will answer you as soon as possible.

Also click the picture below before trying chat is it answers most of the common questions such as:

Where do I use my ant voucher certificate or coupon to buy live ants?

Please Check out our  FAQ for general information then feel free to give as a call for any information not listed. We are Resellers of the Brands we represent and not the manufacturer.

All Warranty issues are handled directly through each respective manufacturer after 30 days.

We are open M-F.

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