Ant Species

Ants are very interesting creatures that belong to the same family as wasps.  Imagine a wasp with wings.  Hmmm see the same features?  The female queen ant looks very similar to a wasp as she has wings as well.


What is the largest ant colony ever found? This one you are not going to believe I am sure. back in 2004 a colony was found to be 62 miles wide in Melbourne Australia.  These are Argentina ants and have formed what is thought to be the worlds larges super colony.  Can you imagine this?  These bugs have basically displaced and destroyed the local population and re now the rulers there. 

Typically when it comes to different colonies they will not get along but somehow these guys formed a bong and became one super group.  Scary i know!

What is the largest ant ever found?  Thats an easy one. The Eocene giants are the largest ants ever found.These guys had no stinger and appear to have eaten fresh food. Basically what that means is if you did not get out of their way you were probably food.  They are long extinct now though.  They probably died out about 44- 49 million years ago if our carbon dating techniques are correct.

These Eocene  with the scientific name of Formicium giganteum  Were huge. The low life Workers were 1-3cm long, but queens 5.5cm long with a wingspan of 13cm. 

The closest known family member to these bugs were the red wood ants.

Why is it illegal to ship queen ants?

What is the largest ant?

Why do ants make ant hills?

What are anthills made out of.

What are the roles of worker ants?

What do ants eat? Do I need to to feed my live ants in the antworks habitat by Fascinations or Uncle Miltons ant farmwhich i i did buy on sale? 


Yellow ants

Larger yellow ants are one of my favorite insects. They have a pleasant lemon or citronella odor when crushed (of course the crushing is not pleasant to them!). Larger yellow ants are harmless and are never found foraging in kitchens.