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WE HAVE LIVE ANTS FOR SALE! Buy red harvester ants that can be used with all 18 unusual ant farm formicariums we sell! Our captivating ant farms are for children and grown-ups of all generations. You can get your LIVE Western harvester ants sent with your farm. Watch ant mannerisms like tunneling and chamber making, and see unusual ant 'jobs' like feeder ants that collect food and worker ants that dig and gather food.

Ants are very hygienic and will remove all their refuse as well as dead ants away from their burrows. Our insects are perfect for sand and gel ant farms.  They are also great for science fair projects on ants. Create your own ant farm experiments. Did we mention that we have LIVE ANTS FOR SALE! Ants with 15 extraordinary ant farm plans to choose from! Our ant farms are for children and adults of all generations. You can get your LIVE Western harvester ants sent with your farm.

Learn their idiosyncrasies like tunneling and chamber making.  You can also see their unusual 'occupations' like harvester ants that gather food and worker ants that excavate and accumulate food.  Kids start your own experimentations using our Uncle Milton antfarm habitats. Ants are bugs and can only be shipped within the continental US. Recommended for ages 8+.

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We are happy to offer you LIVE ANTS throughout the year for your ant farm. Remember your habitat does come with a coupon for live ants that still cost but it takes weeks if not months to get western harvester ants from those vendors.  Buy ant farm ants now.  These bugs will work in all kits such as the Fascinations gel habitats and Uncle Milton Sand Insect Kits.

So you want to be a MYRMECOLOGY major entomologist who simply wants to study these insects!   Well you are at the right place for bugs and other insect kits.

  • Uncle Milton buy ant farms including gel and sand units such as the Vintage or Original.


Remember in the warm or cold months to get your heat pack or cold pack and priority mail at the minimum to help your ants along the journey through the postal system and start a great colony.  This will also help ensure more live ones arriving.

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Live Ants

We offer the best LIVE harvester ants to buy for $4.70 with free shipping.  The Pogonomyrmex species comes 20 to 30 per vial and are perfect harvesters.