How to Build an Ant Nest - Farm

Building an ant nest is not as complicated as it may seem.  We offer some tips and suggestions as well as some videos we have found.  Send in pictures once your ants start to farm and make a new colony.

Simple tools are needed in your building process.  Before using any tools or products contained in the videos below please ask you parents for supervision.  These videos were not made by us on building the nest but are a great reference and starter point. 

 This video actually  shows how you can make your own gypsum plaster ant nest. It's fun!

You can build any size ant farm you like.  Great craft  or project to do with kids.

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Video 2  is a continuation by the same author. 


Neither of these videos has sound .  Let us know if you make one when you are building yours as we would be interested in it


Send in your tips and tricks  and pictures on how to build an ant farm like Uncle Milton.