Description Tadpole of the common frog Rana temporaria just before metamorphosis Source Own work Author Viridiflavus


Tadpoles information at insectkits.com. We know these amphibians are not bugs but hey a frog eggs are close enough. 

Tadpoles (Rana sp.) offer a great opportunity for children and adults to observe the growth cycle of small baby tadpoles transforming into larger frogs.  This process varies on species from 29 days up to 7 months on some species.  The eggs of many species when found in the wild come in a variety of forms.

Lentic = from still waters such as lakes and ponds (This is where our polliwogs come from).

So see info below sale on Tadpole FAQs and questions answered and where to buy live tadpoles.

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Please note: Tadpoles are seasonal and based on availability. They may not be available during colder months.


Tadpoles For Sale

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Tadpole and Frog Food

We offer high quality tadpole food that includes many nutrients as well as spirulina algae.

Water Conditioner

Water from your Tap or faucet should NEVER be used as this will kill these.

Instructions on Setting up Tadpole Kit

Congratulations on your purchase of your brand-new tadpole. Yes we have some very simple instructions on setting up your habitat so that your animal can grow into healthy frog.

Tadpole Care

We give many questions on caring for tadpoles and frogs.