Ant Gel Refill Kits

We offer 3 amazing colors to choose from when refilling your Gel ant farm habitats.  With the new easy to use replacement gel you will never need to order a new one again.
Every gel ant farm will eventually need to be replaced.  Whether it is due to your ants eating all of it for food, it drying out or starting a new colony.  Rest assured your initial investment can be reused over and over with the new Ant Gel Refill kits. All gel will be shipped in bags or in a vial depending on availability. If you are looking for the Sand Ant farm refills click here.

Replacement Ant Gel Refill Kits

Replacement Ant Gel Refill Kits are wonderful as they allow you to replace the existing space age gel of your habitat with new Ant Gel that your insects can continue to eat.