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Replacement Ant Gel Refill Kits are wonderful as they allow you to replace the existing space age gel of your habitat with new Ant Gel that your insects can continue to eat.

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We Suggest replacing the Ant Gel with our Refill kit every 6 months to keep life safe for your critters.  Sometimes mold will begin to grow in the ant farm due to the animals dying.  Try to remove these from the kit as soon as the ants bring their fallen comrades to the top.

Other times you may want to use the ant gel refill kit is when buy live ants.  These guys do not want to live in an old dirty colony so let the start out fresh with new gel.

Remember you will be getting the Dry powder in bag or vial of this . Once adding the water you will have the total volume.

Single Antworks replacement = 12 oz after water is added
1 Gal is after water is added.

Can be used as a replacement for the Uncle Milton sand antfarms, and Fascinations Antworks habitats. These directions are only provided on-line here for the refill kit.


Single Antgel Refill Kit Instruction Manual

Bulk Replacement Gel Instructions Ant Gel Refill kit



Things you will need:


1.  Help from an adult REQUIRED

2.  Your old ant farm

3.  Ant gel powder mix

4.  1.5 cups distilled water (don’t use tap water!)

5.  Pyrex (or microwave safe) glass that will hold at least 2 cups

6.  Spoon


Step 1:

Clean out your old ant farm, wash it, and allow it to dry


Step 2:

Add the 1.5 cups of distilled water into the microwave safe container. Empty the entire contents of

one test tube into the water while stirring gently. Continue stirring for 15 seconds.


Step 3:

Microwave the mixture for 1 minute. When it is done, take it out and stir for 15 seconds.


Step 4:

Microwave the mixture for another 2 minutes. Watch through the microwave window and stop the

microwave after it has been boiling for about 30 seconds. Take it out and let it stand for one

minute. Once the minute has passed, stir for another 15 seconds. Be careful; the mixture is hot!


Step 5:

At this point, the mixture should be clear and all the powder should be dissolved. If it is not,

microwave in 45 second increments and stir until it is crystal clear.


Step 6:

Pour the mixture into your old ant farm and allow it to cool uncovered for 24-48 hours. It is very

important that the farm is not covered during the cooling process. Once the cooling process is

done, add ants right away or cover the farm with the old lid until you receive your ants.


Step 7:

Your ant farm is now ready to use! Follow the instructions from your original ant farm kit to add

ants to their new habitat. Be sure to make some starter holes before adding your ants so they know

that they can dig.




Note: Our product has only been tested with harvester ants. Other types of ants may not be

compatible with our product. We recommend the Live Red Harvestor ants here.



Remember to order your refill ant gel kit that works with Fascinations antworks, Uncle Milton Ant Farms and others.

The single use gel comes in bag or vials and make approximately 1.5 Cups of Gel for your colony.
Instructions are only listed on the website.
Be sure to clean out your existing ant farm prior to using and let dry.

If you have a Sand ant farm and are changing to a gel one when using the antgel refill kit remove all sand 

12.6 grams (0.44 oz by weight) of gel powder = 12 fluid oz (by volume) of finished volume = 1 habitat 135 grams (4.75 oz by weight) of gel powder = 1 gallon finished volume = 10.67 habitats Note the distinction between ounces measured by weight and ounces measured by volume. We prefer to measure our powder in grams to avoid any such confusion.  Instructions are only online.