Uncle Milton 60th Ant-ivesary Ant Farm Antes Mountains

Uncle Milton
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Uncle Milton 60th Ant-ivesary Ant Farm Antes Mountains

See the incredible underground world of ants develop before your eyes! As these tiny engineers excavate tunnels, cross bridges, and move mountains, you’ll be right up close to them. In this habitat of tomorrow you can watch and learn the fascinating behaviors of ants. This product is escape-proof and has a futuristic 3-D scene.


·        Ant Farm toy with four connecting antports

·        2 bags of clean tunneling sand

·        1 tunnel starter tool

·        1 antway connector tube

·        1 Ant Watcher’s Guide with online code for ordering live harvester ants

Link and Multiply Your Ant Farm Habitat

You can easily connect your Antes Mountains Ant Farm to other Ant Farms with the transparent, flexible Antway connector tube.**

**If starting two or more Ant Farm habitats, all ants should be ordered at the same time.