Red Harvester Ant

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As the name suggests these ants are a gathering species who likes to hoard plants and seeds for later consumption by the colony.

Harvester AntsThe red harvester ant is one of the few species the  Texas horned lizard will eat for food and is considered a staple of their diet..   These ants are the best ants i have found for any of the ant farms we sell due to the size and ability to eat through the gel of the gel ant farm we offer.

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Harvester Ant Facts

Ant Origin: The harvester ant .Pogonomyrmex barbatus F. Smith, ranges from Kansas and Oklahoma through western Texas into Mexico and southward through New Mexico and Arizona. It occurs sporadically in extreme southern Utah as well

Venom: Bite is Painful and can require medical attention if allergic to it.

Food:The    harvester ant eats mainly vegetables and seeds it gets from foraging but also will eat insects and bugs.

Size: Harvester ant workers are about 1/4-1/2 in (4.7-11.5 mm) long


 Color: Orange to reddish brown but can vary

Wings: Varies


Legs: 6

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum:


Insecta Order
: Hymenoptera