Butterfly Flowers and Net Grow your own

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Insect Lore Butterfly Flowers grow your own!!

So You would like to have a lot of butterflys around your house in the yard by the garden or whatnot right.  Well Get some butterfly flowers.  You Plant the included seeds in your garden or a large flower pot and watch as plants grow. Nurture them so they will sprout and grow into a fantastic bouquet of fragrant flowers tempting the butterflys in your area to come on by and hang out.. When these butterfly flowers are fully grown, these beauties can attract wild butterflies of every shape, size and color. Then be on the lookout for “flying flowers” — real, live butterflies as the come on in for a stay over at your place.! As they pay your flowers a visit, carefully capture these delicate creatures with your net and give them a close look. After a while — set them free! Ages 4 and up.

Butterfly net and Flowers included in this package