Butterfly Kits

How can you tell a moth from a butterfly?

There are no definite differences, but generally most butterflys are much more brightly colored. So you want to watch live caterpillars turn into butterflies?  Well, we have many butterfly pavilions on sale with coupons.

With butterfly kits your child can experience the miracle of life watching live caterpillars turn into a variety of butterflies.  We went to Branson Mo not too long ago to the Butterfly Palace and my child loved it.  It had a great 3d movie that you watched before you toured the butterfly pavilion.

St. Louis Mo also has the Butterfly House which is much larger and an amazing site to see.  Hundreds of species at the Missouri Butterfly House that is part of the Mo Botanical Garden.

Brands of Butterfly Gardens we sell

  1. Insect Lore Pavilions and Bungalow
  2. Uncle Milton
  3. World Alive or GreenEarth Butterfly Kits

Butterfly Garden - #010100

See each caterpillar’s transition as it matures, changes into a chrysalis, and finally emerges as a Painted Lady butterfly Insectlore! Butterfly Garden Kit By Insectlore.


(DC) Butterfly Kit World Alive

World Alive Green Earth - Butterfly Kit
Cultivate your own live butterflies from caterpillars. This is a beautiful way to see nature at its finest! Observe as the eggs grow into caterpillars and how the caterpillars metamorphose into beautiful butterflies. This fascinating habitat kit is ideal for classrooms.

Children of all ages Love The World Alive Butterfly Kit by Fascinations Toys

Butterfly Life Cycle Stages

Learn about the Stages of life of the butterfly with these life life replicas.  Made By Insect Lore 

Butterfly Flowers and Net Grow your own

Insect Lore Butterfly Flowers grow your own!!

Butterfly Feeder

With this colorful Butterfly Feeder, butterflies on the go can get the same sweet treatment as their hummingbird friends! Mix some tasty nectar (easy recipe included),

Butterfly net InsectLore

Butterfly Net

Use this fun net to capture critters large and small with the Butterfly Net By Insect Lore.
The unique butterfly shape  of this net sets it apart from other nature nets, and you can use it on land or water!

Live Butterfly Activity Book

Here’s the best way to make the most of your live butterfly experience! The Live Butterfly Activity Book by Insect Lore provides many  activities, resources, and ideas that can be used with any live Insect Lore Painted Lady butterfly kit.

Butterfly Candy

The Hotlix Butterfly candy does not have a real butterfly inside but a simulated one enclosed in hard candy.