Butterfly Life Cycle Stages

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Learn about the Stages of life of the butterfly with these life life replicas.  Made By Insect Lore 

A great teaching tool for teachers and parents.  These can show children and adults all of the stages such as The Egg Larva (Caterpillar) Pupa Adult which are the LIFE-CYCLES OF A BUTTERFLY

  • The First Stage Is the Egg Stage.  This is the Develepmental stage and is crital to the growth of the catapillar.
  • 2nd stage is the Larval stage. The caterpillar  emerges from an egg and eats leaves or flowers for its mian source of energy. After some timethe molting process begins.  This is the process where the caterpillar sheds its old skin many times as it grows.  Humans also shed skin we just dont notice it like you see happening when your bug does.
  • Now onto the 3rd stage of the butterfly life cycle. Pupa - It turns into a pupa (chrysalis); this is a resting stage.  This Chrysalis is kinda like a cocoon or pouch.  They are typically found on the underside of leaves .
  • Final Life cycle-Adult - This is the stage we all love.  The transfromation or transmogrification stage.  Hmmm is that a real word.  Look it up we think it is. A beautiful, flying adult butterfly emerges. There is no growth during this stage. This adult will continue the cycle and reproduce to finally make new baby caterpillers of its own.  

What are some other animals your class can think of that go through life cycle stages?

Birds, frogs, snakes and many insects

How Do Butterflies Reproduce?


Insect Lore - Butterfly Life Cycle Stages

These meticulously designed Painted Lady lifecycle figures are an educational accessory to any of our live butterfly kits. The accurately detailed Egg, Larva, Chrysalid and Adult butterfly replicas are oversized for little hands. Ages 4 & up.

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