Praying Mantis Facts FAQ

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So you want Facts on the Praying Mantis.Such a love life the mantids have. After mating the Male must quickly leave the area or the female will eat him.

This is the same act the Black widow spiders do as well.


Preying Mantis are some of the fiercest hunters in the insect world.  Boasting 6 legs these impressive bugs live on trees and shrubs and feed mainly on spiders and insects as well as other mantids. The mantid however, is very particular in what they eat for food.  It will throw away the legs, wings and many other of the prey it deems not taste as well as the rest.  Using the mouth it can crush its prey.

The eyes of a praying mantis are widely spaced allowing a view all around it. 

Unique to the mantis it has a head that can swivel around on its neck and look over its own shoulder at its victim

There are approximately 1800 kinds of mantids in the world.  Most of these creatures  have  elongated triangular heads  and long bodies.  Each Preying mantis has a total of 6 legs.  The front 2 are their weapons for catching prey.  Once bug is close enough they quickly grasp it with the spiney front leg.

Another cool thing the preying mantis has is great camouflage.  The angola mantis easily blends in with the bark of a tree with its speckled colors while the Flower mantis can blend in with the pink of an orchid flower Most mantis however, are green like a leaf.

So how did the praying mantis get its name.  Well just like going to church and praying they have a habit of holding the front legs like a person praying.

Watch this great video on what happens if you are to slow for your mate