Praying Mantis Kits

Educational Nature Activity Praying Mantis Kit by World Alive
All Supplies Included to Raise A Generation of Insects for Release into Nature upon Adulthood. 
English, French, and Spanish Translations
Mantid Habitat Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 10"

We all love the live preying mantis we have for sale.  This guy was seen in the movie KUNG FU Panda by Disney and he is a hit. 

The prey mantis is also a type of Chinese martial arts seen in many movies.  This is for the bug and insect lover who has had it all. 

Preying Mantis Eggcase 3 pack Jan- Jun ONLY

Grow out your own preying mantis with this Egg Case

Will contain many eggs 200-600 babies

Praying Mantis Facts FAQ

So you want Facts on the Praying Mantis.Such a love life the mantids have. After mating the Male must quickly leave the area or the female will eat him.

This is the same act the Black widow spiders do as well.

(Dc) Praying Mantis Insect Kit GreenEarth

Praying Mantis Insect Kit Greenearth / Worldalive by Fascinations

Here's the ideal gift for anyone who loves science and nature or who likes to care for and raise interesting pets - the World Alive Preying Mantis Kit by Fascinations.

Mating ritual of Preying Mantis