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Terms and Policies

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These are the terms you are agreeing to when you choose the checkout option and the box that says you have read them.  Checkout function will not let you continue until you   stating you have read and agreed to terms.

When ordering if a specific carrier must be used based off of your address please let us know.


DOA (Dead on arrival) POLICY -

Please note that up to half of the vial is acceptable for DOA; we include additional ants with every shipment for this purpose. 

You will receive Free Replacement ants if more than half of the ants are dead on arrival and you chose expedited shipping AND a cold or heat pack.  If you do not choose these options, we will not reship.  On reshipment, the customer is responsible for all reshipment fees and returning the original shipment. For reshipment we will only pay for the ants. The customer will pay for any heat packs / cold pack and shipping type they prefer.

Ant reshipment link:


Remember that when dealing with any live animal, adult supervision is required. Red harvester ants have a poisonous sting and painful bite. Here are our recommendations for adding them to any habitat or ant farm. 

Adults should only be the ones who add or remove the Live ants See Instructions: 

1.   Place the ant vial in your refrigerator for approximately 15 - 20 minutes. The cold makes the ants lethargic and easier to handle.

2.   Remove vial from refrigerator and visibly check if the ants have become less active. If they are not very active, it’s time to put them in the farm. Grab your ant farm habitat and open the top.

3.   Carefully open the vial over the farm. Drop all live ants out into your habitat and use tweezers to remove any food that may have been with your shipment.

4.   You may have some critters that perish during shipment. Remove these with tweezers. 

5. Please remember: All Orders are filled on a first-come first-served basis.  The reason for this is we get thousands of orders and ants are collected in the wild.  During the winter months orders increase and ant availability decreases due to the temps.

6. A requested shipment date is only a request and not a guarantee. Our shipping date is also based off of product availability weather and current order volume. Orders may ship sooner or later than requested shipping date depending on these factors. One more time for those of you who missed it :) A date request is not a guaranteed ship date. 

Upgraded shipping options pay for upgraded shipping services, NOT a faster handling time on our end. We do not guarantee arrival by any specific date on express shipping options because we do not control the mail. Insurance claims must be taken up with the issuing authority. (USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.) 

Most orders go out Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid weekend hold ups at shipping facilities.

While we leave the optional decisions up to the customer’s discretion based on weather and distance from Missouri, we HIGHLY recommend at least the Priority shipping upgrade and the Heat/Cold pack with any live stock including tadpoles. These can greatly increase survival rates.  This decision is yours to make. 

Red Harvester Ants are aggressive and can inflict painful bites and stings to adults and children.  You should inspect your habitat daily to make sure it is in good shape and no ants can escape. If you are bitten, apply ice over the bitten or stung area until pain subsides. We also suggest immediately contacting your Doctor and/or seeking medical attention.  Persons who are allergic to insect stings and venom may require Emergency medical attention.


If purchasing ant food, only use a few small grains a week.  DO NOT pour the whole package into your sand ant farm because the food may grow mold. Gel farms do not require food because the gel is edible for the ants.  We do sell replacement ant farm gel that comes in a dried powder that you create yourself.

 International shipments ship via USPS or our international courier. Economy international shipping can take up to 40 business days, but two weeks is more typical. We do not ship livestock internationally because the long transit times and customs processing lead to unacceptable levels of ant death. We are happy to sell any ant farms or other habitats internationally.

·        We can accept order pre-payment by check or money order. If paying by money order, please place some barrier between the envelope and money order with a printout of your order. Please include an email address for contacting you in the envelope. Thank you.

·        There is a $45 fee on all returned checks. Any unpaid check order may be sent to a collection agency.

·        Orders that are refused will be refunded less our shipping costs and our restocking fee. Orders will not be refunded for Livestock, Heat/Cold pack or any shipping.  Other refused items will be refunded less 20% restocking fee. If the order included free shipping, the customer will be charged a minimum of $8.99.

·        If your item has livestock it will generally only ship Monday or Tuesday. We reserve the right to delay shipment on any day. Shipments are processed on a day-to-day basis at our discretion.

·        Due to weather conditions, sometimes it is hard to get enough live insects and tadpoles for shipments, especially when it is extremely hot, rainy, or cold.  In this case, it may take another week or more to collect enough to fill all orders. Also, if our local weather is extremely hot or cold we may hold the order.  You will be able to track your package online once your order ships. Remember we typically ship early in the week and your request for a specific date needs to be Monday or Tuesday, or it can cause delays.

·        Every PayPal account is insured against unauthorized transactions up to $100,000. Your order is charged automatically the second you place it.  Credit cards are only processed through PayPal. Please do not provide credit card information to us over the phone or email. We never see your credit card information through PayPal. Any additional payment must be processed as a new PayPal money request – we cannot charge your card without your authorization on every transaction.

·        Shipping and handling costs are an estimate based on an algorithm through the website.  We will contact you via email if the cost is different and will not charge you the difference until authorized. If you do not respond to our email request your order may be delayed until the matter is resolved.

· We prefer to contact customers through email because it leads to more orderly workflow. Providing an invalid email address can lead to delays on shipping your order.

·        All orders are a request of product, goods, or services. Payment may be refunded or denied at the discretion of our store.

·        Orders cannot be canceled once they have been shipped.  All charged orders will have a 15% cancellation fee.

·        No refund can be given on special-ordered products. Some items are directly shipped from one of our partners and cannot be returned.

·        Should you find it necessary to return a product to us, please contact us within 30 days of your original invoice date for a Return Authorization Number (RMA) prior to shipping the item back. Shipping and insurance fees are not refundable. Returned products must include all original boxes with original seal and paperwork to receive a refund or replacement. All returns must be properly packaged and insured to avoid damage. Please mark the RMA number clearly on the shipping label and shipping box. Please do not mark on the product box. Refunds cannot be issued for improperly packaged returned items. All RMA's are valid for 10 days. Any items returned without a RMA number will be refused. We are unable to accept for return any product received after the expiration of the RMA. RMA's cannot be extended or re-issued. We reserve the right to refuse any item.  The Mandatory Restocking fees will apply for all returns to cover box costs, packing materials, and man-hours it takes to pack, categorize, and inspect these items. Any dropshipped or special order items are not allowed to be returned.


·        Order Cancellations are refunded minus a 15% cancellation fee.


·        We will price match our competitors! To price match, the request must be made prior to paying for your order. Please email us and we will let you know how you can do this online. If you make a payment online, we cannot refund the difference. We only price match against prices currently available.  Price matching is a service, not a right, and is determined on a case-by-case situation by us.  We will only price match against in-stock items by authorized dealers.

·        Damaged Merchandise
If your merchandise arrives damaged, please contact us within 4 hours of arrival via email directly from your original order. All damage claims must be filed with the carrier. Please do not discard the damaged item or the packing material. The carrier may choose to pick up the damaged item for inspection. In this event, the carrier will contact you within 7 to 10 business days after the claim has been filed. 

·        If an item has no price on a listing, it is currently out of stock or discontinued.



Ant reshipment link http://www.antworkstoys.com/contents/en-us/d29.html

By placing an order through our website and check-marking you agree to the terms you are stating you agree with the info above and our policies and terms