Insect lore ant hill. Watch your ants scurry about in the colony.

Insect Lore Ant Kits

InsectLore makes a variety of ant kits.  We hope to offer you the widest selection of ant farms and kits @

In the wild ants make a variety of ant hills from small little ones to huge large ones over 10 feet high. Inside these hills the colony lives weaving intricate tunnels.  The workers daily bring in food supplies to the queen ant and other members of the colony.

 No need for mail in certificates as you can buy the Live Ants here for the Insectlore ant hills.

The Insect Lore Anthill is a top seller when it comes to habitats.  Its domed lid makes a great observatory.

Why do we sell Ants to our customers. Well from past experiences with other customers that mail in the coupon for these bugs a few things may happen.

1. It takes them weeks if not months to get them depending on the time of year and weather. ( We however ship harvester ants every week)

2. It makes it not as cool of a gift if a child has to wait a very long time to get the bugs.maya

Make sure you get the heat pack or cold pack for you mini anthill or large one depending on time of year plus Priority shipping at a minimum..


Insect Lore Ant Mountain

Insect Lore Ant Mountain.  Who will be the queen ant of this educational toy.

AntHill Living Habitat

The Insect Lore AntHill - Living Ant Habitat This AntHill is the world’s first living ant habitat designed like a real ant’s home! We suggest getting your live ants directly from us and not via the mail in certificate and they will ship with your ant hill that can take many weeks or you can mail the certificate and you’ll receive a generous supply of live ants, ready to dig in typical time though is 3-6 weeks and many times do not ship in the colder months.. Watch as these hard-working critters burrow underground to create an amazing network of subterranean tunnels, walkways and secret chambers.

Insect Lore Live Ant Hill educational Toys

Insect lore has been around for over 40 years supplying educational items such as butterfly garden kits to kids for many years