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Live Ants for Ant Farms by Uncle Milton® For Sale, Bugs, Fascinations Antworks Habitats

Insect Kits where you can buy Live Ants including the red harvester. The best bug store for Uncle Milton Ant Farms for sale, Formicarium and Fascinations Antworks habitats. Butterfly Pavilions,

Earthworm Farm and Ladybug Habitats for life science educational projects such as  Uncle Milton sand or Fascinations gel space age ant farms, accessories, live tadpoles and refill kits.

Browse our wonderful selection of unique live insect kits, bug kits, and see our queen ant information such as what a queen does, what is the job of a worker ant and how to build an ant farm.

We offer the best hands on supplies and gifts and coupons for young and old entomologists or insect and bug Myrmecology with ant farms such as Uncle Milton Ant Farms, Fascinations Antworks Gel Habitat, Insect lore butterfly pavilions  anthill and coupons for  Live Ant farm Ants, as well as a variety of Information on how to build an ant farm including videos and science experiments for many insect habitats and other toys.

If you are looking for information concerning specific species of bugs and what the requirements are to sustain life. The check out our new expanded FAQ section. The frequently asked questions contains information on many species, including fire ants, harvester ants, stag beetles and more. This information is being updated to provide vital information such as what you ants like to eat, or differences between specific species or males versus females. We hope to expand this section as time permits and look forward to answering any questions that you may send to us concerning any insect. Check our contact us page and shoot us an email about entomology.

Learn about ecology by farming and planting with the green house growing kits, see the roots from the seed growing with the brand new root vue or if you are into earthworms check out the worm vue made by Hsp Nature Toys. The HSP line gives you in depth viewing of worm farms and root systems of plants to provide a great educational experience and lets you learn about the growth of plant species.

Try our selection of Hotlix Candy in stock.  Many of these have real bugs inside.  Some include animals such as the scorpion sucker which is always a hit at birthday parties or just for a gag gift. Some new additions are for everyone including Hotlix AMBERnSIDE, plus other great candies by Hotlix.

We wish you the best of luck in planning your science project for school, or if you are just buying this for a toy or the best gifts around.  See our full index of bug farms, habitats and insect stuff here.

We have Inexpensive Frog grow out kits grouped by price and live tadpoles for sale. We also offer the coolest praying mantis habitat that allows you to watch a preying mantis from a pod grow out to an adult. We ship our bugs to the USA all year long.

Insect Kits is the store to buy replacement sand and Uncle Milton Live Ants for the Best Ant Farms Gel and Replacement Sand ® Frog Habitats, Insectlore Products, as well as some cool preying mantis kits.


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We have lots of educational resources for learning about the biology and life cycles of many of the bugs we offer on our site for sale. Check out some of the interesting facts of many species animals. If you trying to educating yourself on what to feed your insects we may just have the answer in our FAQ section.

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